It’s a new year, and at Preventable, we’re thinking about what we want to change. We’ve decided to skip the typical promises and aim higher: We resolve to rethink risk.

What do we mean? We want to people to recognize that injuries are not accidents. An “accident” means something unfortunate that happens unexpectedly. No one plans to get injured, but most injuries are predictable and preventable. And these injuries can have tragic impacts on families, communities, and workplaces.

A tangible way that we can rethink “accidents” is to change how we talk about them. Calling them “injuries,” “crashes,” or “incidents” reminds us that they don’t “just happen.” A word cloud posted on your computer desktop can remind you to stop using the word “accident.”

So, let’s have a word with ourselves before we engage in that risky activity. Let’s change our attitudes—think: injuries are preventable—and then listen to that little voice in our heads before we engage in that risky behaviour. Maybe we leave a few minutes early so we’re not tempted to speed on the icy roads. Or we plan ahead and ask our friend to be the designated driver tonight. Or, we finally buy and install those snow tires on our vehicle.

In this new year, let’s look ahead to how we can prevent injuries before they happen.