Now that Preventable has launched into its 7th year with a new campaign, we celebrate the shift in attitudes for the safer.

Since the start of our Have a Word With Yourself campaign in 2010, attitudes toward preventable injuries have changed for the better. Those exposed to our campaign messaging now report an increased understanding of the impact of injuries on themselves and their communities. While most agree that no one anticipates getting hurt, more people now believe that the majority of injuries are preventable.

What is even more encouraging is that the campaign hasn’t just increased awareness of the risks of injuries; it has also led people to be more proactive about avoiding preventable injuries. When asked about activities taken to reduce the impact of injuries – such as wearing a helmet – 38% of people reported being more careful in 2014, which represents an 18% increase since 2012. This means more people are taking steps to avoid preventable injuries.

This September, Preventable launched its Seriously campaign, with an initial television commercial featuring relatable people taking “everyday” risks. Luckily, a caring observer gently reminds them that their safety is important and shouldn’t be overlooked. These ads are easy to relate to and highlight the importance of taking safety precautions and encouraging those around you to do the same. You can view the first ad here:

Over the years, Preventable has become increasingly known, respected and seen as a relevant and helpful program. Our goal of raising awareness of preventable injuries and encouraging safe behaviour wouldn’t be possible without your engagement or the involvement of our partners. Let’s continue to work together to help people live happy, injury-free lives!