The pandemic has British Columbians spending more time in the great outdoors! There is no better way to practice physical distancing than with some skis, a snowboard, or some snowshoes surrounded by beautiful wilderness.

For some, venturing into the outdoors calls for a sneaky pocket beer or flask on the chairlift or before climbing on the snowmobile. One or two couldn’t hurt though, right?

Unfortunately, this mindset leads to more injuries and deaths in BC than you’d expect. Drinking and snow sports don’t mix – check out these statistics:

  • Alcohol is the number 1 risk factor associated with Injuries in BC. [1]
  • Alcohol-Related Unintentional injuries have been steadily increasing year-over-year, with approximately 8,400 British Columbians needing medical care in 2018. [2]
  • COVID-19 appears to be changing British Columbians’ drinking patterns with steady increases in alcohol consumption seen since the start of the pandemic. [3]

Alcohol not only impacts your judgement but also your reaction time. So, that jump you’d normally avoid on your snowboard might be more tempting after a few beers, and the chances you’d actually land it safely are a lot worse than if you were sober.

Trust us, a day in the snow is more fun when it doesn’t end in the emergency department.

Play it safe this season and save your drink for the warm chalet, once you get off the slopes.



1. Discharge Abstract Database, Ministry of Health. Retrieved from the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit, 2018.