During the summer months, Preventable wants to get you thinking about water safety. Why? Because every year, at least 500 Canadians drown. 69% of drowning deaths occurred in natural waters (lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and oceans), and 88% percent of drowning deaths while boating are a result of not wearing a lifejacket or personal floatation device (PFD).

Together with the Canadian Red Cross and BC Hydro, we took over Vancouver’s much-loved sculpture “A-maze-ing Laughter” at English Bay. We dressed the sculpture in oversized orange lifejackets, along with a small sign that reminds people to have a word with themselves before thinking that drowning only happens to others.

Our intention: to change your attitude about safety on the water. Are you wearing appropriate safety equipment and PFDs? Are you taking appropriate safety precautions while operating a boat? Or are you ignoring obvious risks by thinking that bad things only happen to other people?

By asking Canadians to think about these questions and change their behaviour, we hope to cut through the clutter and bring an important issue to the top of your mind. Together, we can help prevent drownings.