Halloween is all about the unexpected – the hand that grabs your leg in the haunted house, or the kid who jumps out of the bushes scaring trick-or-treaters. Fake unexpected horror is fun. It’s the real unexpected horror we can do without. In an effort to have a safer Halloween, Preventable and London Drugs helped to spread the word about the dangers of the season.

With overcast nights, generally poor visibility and thousands of kids trick-or-treating in every sort of outfit, including many dressed in black, and there’s definitely potential for injury. Statistics from Parachute Canada back up this fear: child pedestrians are most often hurt in the months of September and October.

Besides London Drugs staff wearing t-shirts that read, You’re Not Expecting To Seriously Injure Yourself Today, stores across BC sold inexpensive reflective trick-o-treat candy collecting bags with the message: You’re Not Expecting A Child To Run Into Traffic.

For more info, check out this video with Preventable spokesperson Ian Pike and London Drugs Store Manager Dave Woogman.