Our concussion campaign gets the message out to Canadians about the importance of concussion recognition and management. This initiative is the result of a partnership between Preventable, Parachute, Fraser Health Authority, and the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit. Through partnerships with various sports organizations and health and recreation agencies, we placed key messages in select recreational centers, ice rinks, soccer pitches and libraries

Our goal is simple: encourage Canadians to recognize the potential severity of concussions. This starts with recognizing that concussions can happen to anyone.

Here are the facts:

  • Concussions continue to be an under-recognized, under-diagnosed and under-treated medical condition requiring both physical and mental rest to recover.
  • The short and long term effects of a concussion can vary from person to person and can greatly affect quality of life.
  • The effects of a concussion are often not recognized early enough to prevent further brain damage..
  • The long-term effects can impact your social and professional life, including difficulties at work or school, playing sports and other simple physical activities.

By raising awareness about concussions, we are highlighting attitudes and ultimately behaviours towards concussions. We want Canadians of all ages, but particularly those who participate in sports or have school-aged children to understand the seriousness of concussions. So before you think you can shake off a concussion, have a word with yourself.