After a successful launch in Alberta, Preventable has begun to roll out our campaign throughout the province.  Here are a few of the ways that we’re engaging with Albertans to change attitudes and reduce the burden of preventable injuries.

Edmonton Journal Wrap

Notice anything different about your Edmonton Journal on Friday?  Preventable and ACICR decided that for one day, we would re-write the news and eliminate the stories about tragic accidents and other preventable injuries that so often dominate the front page.

Behind our light-hearted approach lies a serious point. Imagine if we could re-write those tragic stories—if we could somehow take back that one bad decision, that one moment of not thinking, that one time we said, “it will never happen to me” before it actually did happen.

The fact is, we all play a role in contributing to these injuries which are preventable. If we all work to change our attitude and had a word with ourselves before we engaged in risky behaviour, there might not be any news about tragic accidents at all.

Transit Stand Advertisements

Preventable’s mission is to change attitudes towards preventable injuries in the moments and places where they’re likely to occur.  That means getting out on the streets of Edmonton and Calgary and delivering our message directly to people as they walk, bike, jog, and drive by.  Keep an eye out for our posters in transit stands near key intersections in these two cities.

Television Advertisements

Falls from ladders and motor vehicle incidents are two of the largest causes of preventable injuries in Alberta and Canada.  In 2010 there were 97,628 fall related injuries in Alberta, and with autumn upon us, we want to make sure that Albertans are thinking about ladder safety as they clear their gutters, trim trees, and prepare their houses for winter.

Likewise, as our kids head back to school, we want to draw attention to the importance of driving safely.  Children aged 5 to 14 years are at the greatest risk of pedestrian-related fatalities, and most child pedestrian related injuries occur in September and October.  Keep an eye out for our television advertisements raising awareness about attitudes towards preventable injuries, or head to our YouTube channel to watch them online.

Community Events

The Community Against Preventable Injuries is only as strong as its members, and we’re working closely with our partners in communities all across Alberta to bring our message directly to the people who are affected.  Keep an eye on our website for updates about Preventable events and activations in your area!