Millions of Canadians are currently enjoying fun winter activities with their friends and family. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but that doesn’t mean that preventable injuries can’t happen. Winter sports, putting up or taking down lights, tricky driving conditions, and clearing snow are all activities that have the potential to cause injuries that can be prevented. Before you think only other people get injured during the winter, have a word with yourself.

Preventable is asking people to be mindful of the risks around us this winter. By adjusting our mindsets, we can all enjoy a safe season with our loved ones.

With snow-capped mountains packed with fresh powder and the thrill of the chill air, skiers and snowboarders are hitting the slopes in droves to carve some fresh tracks. With as many as 4.2 million Canadians skiing or snowboarding across the country, Preventable is raising awareness and helping people prevent head or neck injuries during this ski season.

  • Skiing and snowboarding lead to over 3.5 times more hospitalizations than hockey (Discharge Abstract Database (DAD), Ministry of Health, BCIRPU Injury Data Online Tool, 2016).
  • Helmets have been linked to a 35 per cent reduction in head injury risk for skiers and snowboarders (Smartrisk, 2009)
  • More than 90 ice skating or tobogganing injuries are seen at the BC Children’s Emergency Department among those aged under 18 years (BCCH CHIRPP, 2014)
  • According to ICBC, 43% of all crashes involving pedestrians happen between October and January, as the weather changes and days get shorter (ICBC, 2017)